Pirelli, la rivista

With Giulia Lantier and Flavia Lunardi
Supervisors: Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi
Year: 2017
Type: Editorial design
Location: ISIA Urbino, IT

FEATURED IN ADI Design Index 2018. Targa giovani

In-house literature products created by companies are often considered "grey literature" as they are not published through normal publishing channels, but distributed by the organization that produces them. These include the Pirelli magazine, published between 1948 and 1972 and created by designers, graphic designers, illustrators and prominent personalities of the time.

This piece of research investigated the first American cases of technical business magazines (which have acted as an example for the creation of similar magazines in Italy), then turned to the Italian historical and social context of the time, Milan in particular. An important part of the work was dedicated to an analysis of individual Pirelli editions. Elements such as publication frequency, publishers, authors, photographers and types of covers, art directors and the comparison with "Civiltà delle Macchine" have been analyzed and narrated through specially developed graphics.

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