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2020 October 1—11

Torino Graphic Days, Transitions
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2018 October

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Museo Nazionale della Scienza
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2018 October 11—14

Torino Graphic Days
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ISIA Parade
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2018 September

The Big Draw—ABC Stamperia, Atelier d’Artista
Castello Sforzesco, Milan, IT
Curated by Claude Marzotto e Maia Sambonet

Meme into existence

2017   w/ Giulia Bacchetta Francalanci, Vito Battista and Deepa Parapatt   Supervisor: Silvia Sfligiotti   Urbino, IT  

ISIA MA Communication and Design for Publishing  

Historically messages of protest against the governments' power were conveyed through posters. Nowadays the tools changed, computers and the internet are the instruments to produce visual subculture. Everyone can make an image and broadcast it through the world. This book starts from a brief historical excursus of protest and revolution movements, to talk about the images of the counterculture that is spreading over the world in these years: the meme. As an ephemeral fragment of contemporary culture, the meme tends to be a mirror of the society in which it is born and responds to the demand for ease of fruition and intelligibility, a one-shot image that immediately communicates his meaning.

Photo Luca Vegetti