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2020 October 1—11

Torino Graphic Days, Transitions
Toolbox Coworking, Turin, IT

2018 November 17—18

WE AIAP | ABC Aiap Book Community
SpazioMIL, Sesto San Giovanni, IT

2018 October

Index 2018
Museo Nazionale della Scienza
e della Tecnologia, Milan, IT

2018 October 11—14

Torino Graphic Days
Turin, IT

2018 June 28—30

ISIA Parade
DATA, Urbino, IT

2018 June—September

Collezione 200
Fermignano, IT

2017 July 7—8

Collegio Aquilone, Urbino, IT


2018 September

The Big Draw—ABC Stamperia, Atelier d’Artista
Castello Sforzesco, Milan, IT
Curated by Claude Marzotto e Maia Sambonet


2018   w/ Emma Berthaud, Caterina Birolo and Jacopo Undari   Supervisors: Patrick Lacey and Ben Cain   Urbino, IT  

ISIA MA Communication and Design for Publishing  

During a one-week-workshop, the team explores the topic of contact through a performance and a publication. Defined a pitch, here the rules of the game: “Have you ever thought about what kind of contact you create with others when you are online? Human contact makes you vulnerable, just as online exposure does. Every encounter leaves a mark on you, whether it's virtual or physical, whether it's bad or good. Consider the people around you as virtual personas. The moment you enter the platform, you are connected to them. Yet, as you will see, they still are intelligent, emotional, sentient human beings that can feel pain and pleasure, that will read your words and will be hurt or cured by them. Enter the platform, connect, leave a comment. Feel free to disconnect whenever you want.”